How Oversized Can Sturgeons Get?

Perhaps the first immediate response is how Sturgeon fishing is such a fun activity. It is an unusual concept that any fish you may catch is oversized, and will, therefore, have to go back into the water. The sturgeon is too small to be kept undersized.

The oversized Sturgeon are the ones that are 54 inches in length or longer. These fish if left alone can have long lifespans of up to 80 years. Although these fish can be caught, they must be released back into the water.

As a type of fish, the Sturgeon has always struck me as having something alien about them. Sitting on the edge of the Coquille river when I was staying at my Grandpa’s farmhouse. I was young enough to kid myself into believing that I was fishing for oversized. My fishing gear was too necessary to have much chance of catching a sturgeon. In reality, it was more like I was going to fish for sculpin. My fishing gear was too small and lightweight to stand any realistic chance of landing fish as large as sturgeon. I decided that one day I would have access to the fishing rods so that I would be able to catch sturgeons. Furthermore, I decided to save up enough money to go fishing for the day with a specialist who was an expert in catching oversized sturgeons. It was the only way in, which I could act on the urge to go fishing for big fish.

A Sturgeon Story

I met the fishing guide at 5 AM at the boat launch near to Camus, in Washington. We went on the Columbia River to go fishing in a perfect place for sturgeon. Only the guide said that he would take us somewhere to find the best place for fishing. We drove some 26 miles to catch our bait first. The guide drove us to the Bonneville Dam. The water levels at the dam were very high indeed, so high that the water was overflowing into the river below it. We now launched the boat into the whitewater and got on with the job of catching the bait. However, the water was wild, and it got both of us excited. It was a case of man against nature, so bring it on. I have to tell you that that was incredible.

Been cast into a vortex of rapidly flowing water indeed concerned me, on the other hand, my guide was not concerned in the slightest, he did not seem to have a care in the world. He got the boat about half a mile further along the water. Then he expertly positioned the boat to get in the exact spot for getting the best chances of catching all of the fish he wanted.

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