Our Full Sturgeon Fishing Chartered Trips

How Does This Work?

It’s simple, after calling or filling out the contact form you will have a quick conversation with the man himself where you can ask all the initial questions you may have about his Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Trips.

Things To Know Before Inquiring About A Sturgeon Fishing Charter:

  • Full-day eight-hour trips are only available at this time
  • The boat can fit up to 4 guests
  • We have a handful of other boats available for use, but information on chartered trips that exceed four guests must be given EARLY so he can prepare for the usage of the other boats
  • Rick and Bill prefer at least two weeks in-between the time of the inquiry and the date of booking to properly prepare for the chartered adventure (If you’re calling on a Thursday looking to go fishing on a Saturday that same week, an additional fee will be requested)
  • We do not provide housing or flights for guests coming from out of the province or country

After the phone conversation is complete and a booking date is set – our team will either follow up via email or by text messages where he’ll direct you on how to pay your initial $250 deposit through an E-Transfer.

What To Expect On The Actual Trip Itself?

About a week after the booking date you agreed on with us, you will receive an email with information about what to bring, where to meet, where you’re going, and the licenses you’ll need.

The Areas Of Meetup To Expect From Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Charters Are:

  • Maquabeak Park (Port Coquitlam)
  • Golden Ears Boat Launch (Maple Ridge)
  • Alouette Marine (Maple Ridge)
  • Haney Marine Boat Launch (Maple Ridge)

***A unique offering by us is that FULL PAYMENT is not required until the day of the trip. You can hand him the cash, check, or e-transfer before stepping onto the boat!***

The time of meetup usually begins at around 8:00 AM.

As the boat sets off, you will be experiencing the incredible joy of catching beautiful and large sturgeon fish with us and maintaining a 100% success rate since 2016.

Not only will you enjoy a sturgeon fishing trip, but we provide binoculars on the boat that you’ll be allowed to use to view all the wildlife you can see along the way. Frequent sightings include Bears, birds, foxes, coyotes, etc.

At about halfway through the trip, we will allow time for a one-hour lunch break. The hour break is not included in the 4 to 8-hour trip time, so once the lunch break is over, you will continue onto the rest of the sturgeon fishing charter and whatever hours are left.