Our Booking Rates

  • Prices vary depending on the boat we need to use for the trip so please call (604) 239 – 5053 or fill in the contact form to get accurate pricing
  • We only book FULL 8 to 10 hour long trips
  • It’s a $250 deposit to get started and FULL payments are not required until the day of where you can literally pay right before you get on the boat!

Refund Policies

To confirm a booking, we require a 250 dollar deposit upon your booking day.

The full payment is not required until the DAY OF the trip! (Early payment options are available as well per request)

Cancellations must have a 5-day notice before the scheduled trip date to ensure you obtain a FULL refund for your 250 dollar deposit.

Waivers will be signed through Funky Enterprises LTD. – Funky Fishing Adventures. Rick and his company are responsible for your trip and whatever happenings that occur. We are simply partners and will not be held responsible for any legal issues.

If for some reason, our sturgeon fishing team is not able to make it on the day of the trip due to any emergencies you will be receiving a FULL refund on your deposit or full payment despite it being past the 5-day deadline.

Furthermore, if you flew in from out of town for the canceled trip, Rick, and his team will make sure to reimburse your plane tickets and accommodations as well.

However, if the trip is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather and safety issues then Rick will not be inclined to reimburse your expenses.

If you have any questions about booking availabilities, prices or safety policies, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Planning Your Adventure

Because we care so much about our adventurers, we ensure that all of our travelers have a life jacket handy at all times.

Our team specializes in 8 to 10 hour day trips or possibly longer upon request.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for an amazing time with plenty of sturgeon to be caught!

“Keep safe and keep your heart in the water”

Thank you,

Your Friends at Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

**For larger groups, parties, and corporate deals, email us at info@fraserriversturgeonfishing.ca**