About Us

Our proud owner, Rick Funk, has been providing top-quality services to his loyal customers around the Tri-Cities and Greater Vancouver area for the past 27 years to his well-established and successful pressure washing business.

Rick Funk has taken the same pride, integrity, and devotion that built these businesses to run his new venture over the past three years, Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing, which we hope to include all of you to join in growing this together.

We don’t just take you out on a trip; we take you on an experience that will be a memory of some of the most beautiful and majestic, world-renowned sturgeon fishing waters that are offered.

Our proud owner, Bill Evans, has been sturgeon fishing for 30+ years; that’s probably the most experience you’ll find locally here in British Columbia.

Most of his trips these days are with the Dream Casters Society, a complimentary charter with first responders and veterans that he’s got so much passion for and shows how much he gives back to the community.

In his free time outside of sturgeon fishing, you’ll see him spending time with his family, and he has only gotten better since the arrival of his grandson, who he loves spending time with.

How Did Bill and Rick Meet?

The way Bill and Rick met is quite the story! Both guys were out on their sturgeon fishing trips and didn’t know of each other whatsoever. Rick was already out on the water BUT left his truck in public completely open and with all his fishing gear and personal belongings hanging out for people to take freely.

Thankfully, Bill was friendly enough to call his number on the side of his truck and jokingly opened up the convo with, “I’m the guy about to steal your stuff,” when Rick asked, “who’s calling?”

Since then, they’ve been very close, share the same goals, morals, and started Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing charters together!

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Charters is most noted for:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • No Hidden Costs Whatsoever
  • Always Using The Most Quality Equipment & Gear
  • Reliable On Time And Dependable Services
  • Very Flexible With Anything You Need
  • We Pride Our Self On Repeat Customers
    And Building A Long Term Relationship

Most Important Is We Are Willing To
Go The Extra Mile For You!