Salmon Fishing

There is nothing eye-catching than the Salmon fish in Canada, BC. One of the top Salmon fishing destinations all over the world is the South Western British Columbia.10’s of millions of the Salmon fish migrate to the local rivers to get to their spawning grounds.

There are most exciting and finest salmon fishing opportunities for most people who love fishing and who want the skill of how to catch the Salmons because of annual salmon migrations.

May to December is said to be the Salmon fishing season in BC according to the fishing calendar. People fish comfortably even late to the year because of the mild coastal climate, and the anglers find it even enjoyable fishing.

Most people travel to Alaska and spend a lot of money to catch salmons, but it’s even cheaper to visit BC, Canada and have the best experience fishing Salmons. By visiting BC, you will have the best fishing experience because of the wildlife, beautiful rivers, and mountain sceneries.

The five species of the Pacific Salmon enter the local rivers throughout the year. The Coho, Chinook salmon, sockeye, chum salmon and pink salmon return to local rivers and some rivers have over 25million of one species. In some of the fisheries, guests can hook up to over 40 salmons each per day.

The Fraser River, one of the largest rivers in the world and largest river system for salmon producing provides the best fishing opportunities for expert anglers and novice in British Columbia.

It is known to be the greatest river in the world with salmon production by many people. British Columbia is known because of the Fraser River with a very significant watershed that has thousands of healthy lakes and rivers that sustain and produce large salmons.

If you get a chance to fish with us, you can be lucky to fish in this river, its tributaries and coastal rivers. To get the best fishing experience and unique setting there is access to inland and 12 coastal salmon fishing rivers best for anglers.

This post was written by the staff at Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing 

A salmon being held by the hands