What is the Funky Guarantee?

The “Funky Guarantee” is the confidence we have in being able to tell all of our potential customers that we are guaranteeing a sturgeon will be caught or else our next trip is on the house!

(please read below for the restrictions that apply)

Sturgeon Success Rate from 2016 - Present is 100%

Our Restrictions

The “Funky Guarantee” where a FREE trip is promised if we don’t catch anything is only valid from September 1st to November 15 and must be a FULL eight-hour sturgeon fishing trip.


***The FREE trip can only be claimed within the
year of the original booking***

How About All The Other Days Of The Year?

On the days of the year that aren’t between September 1st to November 15th, Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Charters still maintains a 100% success rate, but the “Funky Guarantee” will not be valid on the other days of the year due to the unpredictable nature those other dates bring.

Our policy in place for the sturgeon fishing trips outside the “Funky Guarantee” dates is as follows:

  • If we aren’t able to catch a sturgeon after an entire 8-hour trip, you will receive $100 off your next trip
  • The trip can be booked anytime within the year of the original date of booking as long as it’s available on the schedule

The main point we want to get across here at Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Charters is that putting your complete confidence in us is a smart choice as he still maintains a 100% success rate since 2016, which is unheard of!